Extreme Stockpack

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The EXTREME STOCKPACK is a buttstock cheek pad, comb riser, ammo carrier and utility pouch.

The Extreme Stockpack is designed with an extremely durable one-piece neoprene strap, which attaches around the bottom of the stock anywhere along the velcro strip, making it fully adjustable. Our one-piece neoprene attachment is designed for compatibility with our Extreme Rear Support System. 

The Extreme Stockpack features a zippered pouch with 4 elastic loops sized to fit any standard hunting calibers. 

The cheek pad has built in foam padding and is covered with a soft material, providing a solid repeatable cheek weld throughout any weather condition.

The large pouch is 7.5" long x 8" tall and tapers to 2.75" in height. The pouch is the perfect slim fit for bullets & accessories. 

** Designed for hunting stocks. May not fit on certain flat bottomed buttstocks with butt hooks **