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170 Grain Match 270 Caliber (.277 Diameter) Berger EOL Elite Hunting Bullet (Bx of 100)

Berger Bullets

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Berger Hybrid bullets are designed to achieve extreme accuracy for competitive and recreational target shooters. Berger Hybrid bullets combine a tangent ogive with a secant ogive to produce the highest possible BC with the least sensitivity to seating depth. This allows the reloader to take full advantage of the best features of both designs. 

The Elite Hunter line of Hybrid Hunting Bullet was designed for shooters that are using custom rifles and are not limited to SAAMI dimensional standards and bullet seating depths. These bullets have a longer nose than the classic hunter bullet line providing hunters with the best ballistic performance possible. 

Technical Information

  • Caliber: 270
  • Bullet Diameter: .277"
  • Bullet Weight: 170 Grains
  • Bullet Style: Hybrid Elite Hunting Hollow Point Boat Tail
  • Bullet Length: 1.520
  • Recommended Twist: 1-8.3"
  • Bullet Coating: Non-Coated

Ballistics Information: 

  • Ballistic Coefficient G1: .662
  • Ballistic Coefficient G7: .339

 ~Shipping available via USPS Priority to Continental US Addresses Only.  Alaska & Hawaii add $15. Canadian addresses add $35.  No other International Sales or Shipping Available at this time.~

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  • 5
    Berger 170gr eol

    Posted by Roy Jacobson on Aug 3rd 2023

    One of the most accurate bullets I've shot. Easy to load and devastating on big game.

  • 5
    Product availability

    Posted by Shawn Paulsen on Jul 9th 2023

    Seem to have product when Noone else does. Great quality product too.

  • 5
    Most accurate bullets in 6.8 Western

    Posted by Barry D on May 27th 2023

    These are by far the most accurate bullets I have shot in my Browning X bolt Max LR 6.8 Western. Half inch groups or less with 63.3 grains H1000, CCI 250’s, regular winchester brass, bullets .040 from the lands, avg. mv 2886.

  • 5
    Berger 270 elite hunting bullet 170 grain

    Posted by Keith Sharron on Apr 30th 2023

    Very accurate out on my Shaw 8.5 twist REM contour #2 barrel. Reloading with IMR 7828 powder

  • 5
    great bullet

    Posted by Kevin M Calhoun Riflesmithing on Feb 5th 2018

    Turns a regular 270 winchester into a lethal long range rifle,using a faster twist barrel and using h 1000 achieved 2875 fps at the muzzle which gave more velocity and energy at 1000 yds than a 30 378 weatherby using a 180 nosler accubond at 3400 fps

  • 5
    .270 Allen Magnum

    Posted by Johnny Kennedy on Mar 11th 2017

    Easily pushing this bullet to 3450fps with mid load. Accuracy was sub MOA with no adjustment of seating depth. Set at .010" off. This is getting me 5" groups at 1000 and 1200 yards. Shot a grown doe (120lbs for Eastern N.C.) at 250yards through the lungs. Went straight down, fast, no twitching no stretching whatsoever. Very terminal bullet. Upon examination while cleaning, there was a golf ball size hole through both right and left rib cages. Great bullet!

  • 5
    270 WBY 170 berger EOL

    Posted by david on Nov 7th 2016

    Awesome bullet. Driving this 3370 FPS It smokes and is one hole at 200. Shooting at longer distances this week...

  • 5
    Berger 270/170 gr EOL load work-up

    Posted by Jeffrey Bingham on Feb 12th 2016

    Finally had some time to work up a load for my 270 WSM (M70, 27" pac-nor 1:8 barrel). Took a little time to dial in a load but was worth the effort. Worked through various powders (H-1000, RL 22, H 4831) but found the answer with 66 gr of Retumbo. This charge resulted in a consistent muzzle velocity of 2975. Seating depth was more critical for the EOL bullet than I expected but the sweet spot was 0.030 off the lands. On a morning with no wind and using a lead sled I was able to consistently fire 5-shot groups of 1.25" at 300 yards. I than fired 2-shot groups at 10" to16" steel targets at 500, 750, and 1000 yards with solid hits at each distance with each shot. These new 270 EOL bullets are genuine in every way. They will easily achieve sub MOA accuracy with little effort but are capable of much better if you take the time. I had to raise the BC to 0.662 to 0.672 in order to dial in by ballistics program to match the bullet performance. On a side note I attempted to determine the maximum velocity and was able to push the 170gr bullet to 3100 with 68.5 gr of Retumbo but pressures were quite high (expanded primer pockets to unusable) and accuracy suffered significantly. The brass I am using is once fired federal, weight matched, necks turned, 2.080 trim length. Hope this is useful and thank you Berger for coming through again